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The best &  sustainable  Solution for your logistics

Nachhaltigkeit mit LagerPlus

Sustainability in logistics

For us, holistic corporate culture consists of several factors.

In our view, fair pay and education are among the most important aspects of services.Other factors include digitalization, automation and thus the constant improvement of our services and skills.

Sustainable packaging and climate-neutral shipping are a matter of course for us.

Further development of sustainability strategies

Steadydevelop We are continuing to develop and we are integrating more and more sustainable standards into our corporate concept

What we are already doing:

  • We pay fair salaries

  • We are a training company

  • We have organic certification

  • We save a lot of resources by using grass cardboard

  • We don’t put plastic in our boxes

  • We work in sunlight - our logistics halls have windows

ORGANIC certified!


We work in accordance with the standards of the EC Organic Regulation No. 2018/848 and demonstrate this in annual audits.  This means we meet the legal requirements to fulfill your organic-certified products.Here you will find our BIO certificate.

You're not sure,  whether a company is actually organic certified?

Take a look here :

We'll be there very soon 
IFS certified!


Eco-friendly. plastic-free & self-recycled 
Packing material?

Standard for us!

Grass fiber shipping packaging?
Bring it on!

Cardboard box with grass fiber

Implement your logistics sustainably with us now:

Even more impulses on the topic of sustainability, green logistics and much more. you can find it in our blog:

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Find out more about us and our services:

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